My Sharing on a Life Lesson

Last Saturday, I was invited to meet a bunch of secondary kids. These great kids were actually on some character-building programme as they were deemed problematic by their teachers.

Me & da kidsAfter being through a similar growing up experience with these kids, I dare say that the problem doesn’t lie in the kids. The real problem is the adults or the people who are in authority.

Not only do they not take the time to listen and understand these kids, they are haste in their judgement to label these kids who do not seem to “flow” with the mainstream as problematic.

Being misunderstood and condemned, naturally these kids would rebel or show dis-interest in their studies.

A life lesson to learn

As my purpose being there was to encourage these kids, during my allocated slot I was prompted by God to share one life lesson that I had learnt from my past of which was to take responsibility of our own lives and dreams.

Despite how people in our lives such as our parents, teachers, government and friends would surely in some point of time disappoint and hurt us, the key was not to blame people or circumstances for our plight. But instead, respond by taking ownership of our lives by working through the situation.

At the end of the day, our lives are decided in our own hands and not on others. How we want our lives to be, largely rest on our shoulders. 

Whatever decisions we make, the consequences is solely ours to bear and not others. So we need to make our decisions count.