How Faith in Action Looks Like

The best illustration that I can think of faith in action is two hands clasping together and moving along.

Obviously, one hand belongs to God who is our Father and Shepherd, with the other hand belonging to us, who follow His lead.

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ

Romans 10:17

Just as explained in scripture, “faith comes from hearing the message” which can also refer to His word or promise.

His word is His bond

Imagine when God speaks His rhemma (spoken or personal) word to you; it is a promise from Him to you saying that He will do this or that, whatever your situation. That is Him reaching out His Hand to you and beckoning you to grab hold of it to deliver you our from your situation.

Our faith is in action when we believe what He told us and grab hold of His Hand to lead us towards His promise. This also describes how our faith should be in active mode, and not in a passive mode.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Hebrews 11:6

But I guess many of the times, we either don’t trust God enough to grab hold or to hold on all the way enough (due to adversity) to see His promise come to pass.

Partnering with God

Therefore, faith in action is really a partnership between God and Man. And we must be convinced and convicted that God will do His part as He is faithful (never lies), all-powerful (can do all things) and is perfect (blameless).

Hence, the matter of seeing God’s promises coming to fulfillment mainly lies on the shoulders of Man- our part.

We must and need to really know He is God to be able to trust Him enough with our lives to hold His Hand and partner with Him.

3 thoughts on “How Faith in Action Looks Like

  1. Want to add an excerpt from a book I’m reading to add more to this topic of faith…

    “If we’re cherishing the assumption that we can achieve perfect certainty before major steps, we need to revise our belief. The Christian life is not a fantasy experience where our life moves are constantly revealed in neon lights or through unswerving mystical impressions, leaving us with no need to think or wrestle things through.

    To the contrary, Scripture portrays the Christian experience as an adventure of faith, where we know what is around the bend- we inch ahead a step at a time. We always have just enough light to take a step, yet we need to take that step in order to see clearly enough to take the step beyond.

    While we have great confidence in the one who guides us and protects us, we are constantly in the position from the human standpoint where we must take steps that seem to be risks. Yet it is precisely such steps that incline us most fully to trust in Christ, who alone knows the future and who alone can continue to give us the light unto our path. Through the whole experience comes a sense of life that, while often challenging, is never boring.”

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