Mixing Christianity with Politics

Last week, Barrack Obama finally emerged as the Democratic Presidential Nominee against Hillary Clinton after a gruelling campaign since the beginning of this year.

Barack Obama for PresidentThe final battle now sees Obama squaring off with his Republican counterpart, John McCain for the “hot seat” in being the next US President.

Personally, I am rooting Obama for the next US President as he comes across as a leader who is refreshingly different and truly inspires hope and change that is desperately needed in our arena of politics.

Politics, a “dirty” business

In the past, I used to think that Christianity and Politics do not and should not mix.

That old school of thought was due to the misconception that politics was a “dirty” business that was only for the greedy and power-hungry people.

But now with a better understanding of His truth, I acknowledge that what I initially thought was not completely correct. And as it is precisely a “dirty” business that the more Christ is needed to penetrate the arena of politics and to clean it up.

Christ in Politics

Christianity does not exist in isolation. Jesus sent us into the world to permeate our society and its culture with His love and truth.

In fact, Christianity affects every part of our lives and it isn’t just something we keep for Sundays. We cannot and should not limit God and what He can do through us.

The Church needs to engage our world by speaking up and be heard on issues about everything from economics to education, from defence to healthcare, and I believe a Christian perspective needs to be voiced out on all of these things.

As His Church, let’s get out of the ghetto, and take part and influence in what’s goes on in our world!

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