Defeating Darkness with Light

Shining His light brightly as His star God calls His people who are called by His Name to be the Light of the world; and to shine as His Light is not exactly optional.

However in reality, many of us may have allowed Darkness- the worldly influences and corrupted state of our environment- to overwhelm us to either the point of conformity or to the point of indifference/status quo.

Therefore, Edmund Burke’s statement that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” does hold alot of truth and explains why the Church is weak (my general opinion).

Light versus darkness

In one of my recent private moments with God, I was gently reminded of the power that light had against darkness. And that darkness is only the result of the absence of light.

When there is total darkness, even the faintest of light will breakthrough and be seen instantenously. Light disperses darkness.

The same cannot be said for darkness. Whether there is a dim or brightest of light, no matter how much more darkness there is surrounding it. Darkness can NEVER disperse light. 

Though darkness looks over-powering and hideous, it actually has no direct affect on light. But it can only overshadow light when light fizzles or fades away.

Being the Light of the world

Likewise as Christians, our “dark” or adverse situation can only defeat us or overwhelm us if we choose to fizzle off or fade away to the background. That’s how we hand over victory or the authority to our enemy.

“… Become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life…”

Philippians 2:14-16

With understanding of the power light has against darkness, this gives us the confidence that we can only emerge victorious IF we believe in His word and keeping shining by stand our ground.

As Christians, we can take heart that despite being the minority in the world; in our marketplace; in our community or family; our light will stand out even more and shine even brighter.

Positionally, we are fighting a sure-win battle, but we need to have faith and claim our victory.

One thought on “Defeating Darkness with Light

  1. That really depend what you are thinking.
    First approach is playing in order not to be lose, many people are playing this in all area of their life – defending.
    Second approach is playing to win, least people are playing – be offensive.
    Defending people choose to be right, be good.
    Offensive people choose to be righteous, be great.

    Jesus was never defending, He was offsenive in His approach – He was not afraid to offend Pharisees.

    Good is the enemy of Great.
    You can be right, and far away from being righteousness.
    People are not playing the game to be right, but by their result.

    In the parable of talent you can see it.
    If the story change in be right and not result-oriented.
    Then the master were say, maybe you are right, bury the money in the ground was after all a good idea. (But of course, not that way in the Bible)

    See that, not that way right.

    You don’t do church things to look Christian, you do all thing in Christ-likeness to be a true Christian – then you will know the true meaning of the Light of the World.

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