Extending the Influence of The Church

I am convinced that the Church should be the most powerful institution or organisation in this world.

Potentially, the Church has phenomenal power and influence at her disposal with as God the CEO.

However, I think today we see that the Church do not seem to command such a position which is rightfully ours.

Instead of the Church influencing the world, the contrary seems more apparent where the world has influenced the Church.

This is sad.

Reclaiming our position

In influencing our world, the Church needs to start by gaining a foothold in every one of these territories- government, education, business, media, arts & entertainment which is commonly known as the marketplace.

The marketplace is the very heart of the nation. And in order to win a nation towards discipling a nation, we need to engage our marketplace.

According to a survey done in the US, it reveals that up to 90% of believers felt that they weren’t trained for their calling in the workplace through their local church. I think it is safe to say that most churches in Singapore do face a similar predicament.

Generally, the Church is operating more like a cruise liner instead of a battleship. And there are a couple of reasons for our lack of influence according to Os Hillman. They are:

  • Not engaged in culture
  • Evangelism not carried out in mainstream key networks of influence
  • Lack of social and economic capital to influence
  • Flawed eschatology- “If its only going to get worse, why bother?”

The gospel of the kingdom

Another key reason of our lack of influence with our world is that we preach and live out a gospel of salvation.

A gospel of salvation is incomplete. What we need to preach and live out is the gospel of His Kingdom as salvation is just the first part, but not the end goal of a Christian. Living out the gospel of the kingdom will impact our will, intent and purpose, manifesting a culture and society reflecting Jesus’ nature, values and morals.

As a kingdom is the governing impact of a king’s will over a territory or domain, his influence over a people, and a government led by a king. Therefore, a Christian after being saved needs to continue to live under the sovereign rulership of Jesus in his/her life where he/she is- with friends, or with the family and in the marketplace.

This is where local churches comes in to disciple and equip its members to discovering and fulfill their calling; releasing each one into ministry towards fulfilling the Great Commission.

Consequently, this will produce an extended Church that reaches out and influences the world, and not a nuclear Church where God’s power and influence is confined within the walls of the Church.

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