Godly Business System

Presenting a worldview of a godly economic system with some criteria that can be used to evaluate how it serves the purposes of God intended:

  • The system should produce an adequate supply of products and services to enhance the quality of life
  • The system should provide for the basic needs of marginal and disadvantaged people
  • The system should respond to and allow for individual differences and needs. There should be fair and equitable means of resolving conflicts
  • The system should reward and encourage initiative and hard work
  • The system should provide meaningful work for all people and provide opportunities for them to contribute to welfare of society
  • The system should use natural and human resources efficiently and carefully
  • The system should respect and care for other countries; it should not exploit them or rob future generations
  • Power and access to power should be spread equitably among sector of society and special interest groups
  • The benefits of the system and the costs of providing them should be spread equitably throughout the system
  • Human rights should be protected
  • Individuals should be valued and given opportunity to grow and develop

5 thoughts on “Godly Business System

  1. With reference to:

    1. Chapter 1- Business: Is there a Christian perspective? “Business through the eyes of faith” by Richard C. Chewning and John W. Eby and Shirley J. Roels

  2. U bought the book? Can lend? Not cheapo here. hahaha ;).

    Haven’t read any christian books on business b4. Quite hard to find leh.

    Just curious to find out more, since im venturing into business right now. 😀

  3. There are also other books like Believers in Business by Laura Nash PHD of Havard Business School, and of course, Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso.

  4. Caesar:

    Fortunately, I have those two books you recommended, but just yet to read them.

    Since it comes recommended by you, they must be a good read and so I’ll read them . Thanks =)

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