Our World of Sustainers and Achievers

If we truly resolute to live a life that is full and making it count, I believe we (especially Christ-followers) need to move towards being Achievers.

In a book written by Dr. Adele Scheele, our world of working people divides into two distinct groups of Sustainers and Achievers.

As Achievers, we display a life of value-add and success (in stature and competence) as the head and not the tail; above and not beneath; victorious and not defeated.

Below is a brief description of the two:

About Sustainers

  • The consist of the majority in our world
  • They spend 70 per cent of their work life doing their job well- and 30 per cent unconsciously waiting for recognition for what they have done
  • They have the “school student mindset”- we work hard; we wait for compliments from our teacher; we get high marks as a result of our hard work; we get promoted to the next class; we win awards for our proficiency. There is a smooth flow; a direct resultant output from the input
  • Sustainers have ‘tunnel vision’

About Achievers

  • They are fewer in our world and they are more successful
  • They might be working as hard or even harder but better and differently from Sustainers
  • They do not fall inito the deadly trap of watching others move up (the corporate ladder)- and watching them with both envy and contempt
  • Achievers create a climate of what is now called ‘constructive disobedience’. They don’t just work harder- but look for innovative ways of doing the job better or easier or faster
  • They have ‘helicopter vision’

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