Violation of the First Degree

I caught an episode of Crime Watch on television a couple of weeks ago.

One of the cases re-enacted was about a young 10-year old girl.

Her unexpected usual ride on an elevator was about to change her life forever.

About the case

On that particular ride, she met with an unfortunate incident. A stranger who took the same elevator outraged her modesty.

In that short 5-minute horrid act, her entire life was now never to be the same again. You can say it was a defining moment for her.

I believe that girl is merely one out of the numerous similar cases that happens almost everywhere.

Violation of trust

In my opinion, the most scarred of victims are those who are violated by someone close to them like a father, uncle or teacher.

Apart from being physically violated, they are tormented emotionally by the sense of betrayal.

Most victims of this nature suffer in silence. They are trapped in a dilemma because the person in question is in a role of authority over the victim.

Obviously, the related offenders have clearly abused his authority over the victims. They have abused their roles by harming the victims instead of protecting them.

Likewise, it is equally disheartening when we witness or experience when the government, employers, business partners, spouses or even church leaders abuse their positions of authority for their selfish gains.

Victims of such violation of trust, in general will carry the scars of these betrayal for the rest of their lives and would not so readily trust again.

The fortunate ones heal over time, but  some less fortunate never recover fully and live dysfunctional lives.

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