Some Personal Updates

For quite awhile, I’ve been pretty tied up with work and some other stuff that explains my erratic absence of entries in this site.

Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter have also become my other favourite online channels.

This aptly illustrates why man should only have one woman in his life, cos one is all that he can really handle. LOL…

In regards to what I had mentioned as other stuff, part of it is my involvement with City News and another big part is my marriage preparation.

Yes… you read correctly. I’m getting married, but I will save that part for next time. Ha ha…

Back to the part of City News. Last week, my debut news report was finally released. It was an interview with not just one, but two Miss Earth Singapore beauties!

Since then, I have done two more assignments. I must say that I truly enjoyed the entire journalistic process.

I’m equally grateful for the opportunity to meet and interview some of the nicest people from celebrities to one of our founding leaders, Mr S.Dhanabalan.

Pertaining to work, let’s just say that I’m going through a steep learning now.

Though its tough and rough, but I know that my God has given me everything I need to succeed since it is He who led me to where I am in the first place.

Because I know that where my God leads, He also anoints and provides.