Thanksgiving for 31 Years of His Goodness

Last week, I celebrated my 31st birthday.

Yes… I’m now officially over 30, and I’m proud of it… Yeah!

Personally, this year is a significant year for me in many ways.

A year of significance

With this being the first year after my 30th year, I am experiencing many new frontiers in various aspects of my life.

This year is the first birthday in a new church with a new group of friends and new ministry.

This year has ushered me towards a new phase of life and commmitment with someone whom I love and can comfortably call as my soul mate.

This year has led me to a new organisation with a new position and new portfolio.

This year has brought me and my family members to a new level of intimacy especially with our first road trip together as one big family.

This year has also provided me with a new level of reach with my network of friends.

Out of a sudden, I’m re-connecting with friends that I have lost touched for years and making new ones in the strangest circumstances as well.

Lavished with His goodness

Having used to living my life in the past that was full of chaos, instability, lack and self-centredness, I’m still learning to fully embrace  His ever-increasing peace, stability, prosperity and love in my new life.

Frankly, I do not know how to begin to thank God. But I know I owe everything to Him.

He took me in when I was in my lowest. And not only that, He loved and nurtured me as if I was worthed the effort and time.

From where I was then with totally nothing, to where I am now with at least something. I know that He has been unreservingly good to me.

Looking back at an old entry that I published three years ago on my birthday, I’m grateful that most of what I had mentioned has made significant progress and that includes the expansion of my tummy. Ha ha…

God is good, and I’m looking forward to another 31 years (and beyond) of His goodness in my life!