Singapore: What Do I See?

What I see of Singapore is that of a country that is nothing short of a miracle.

Who would have imagined that this tiny island would transformed into a metropolitan city state some 44 years ago?

The main strategy

It’s plain to see that our government’s main strategy for progress has been economic growth in delivering the “bread and butter” – to provide employment opportunities for that every Singaporean.

Though this pragmatic strategy has been highly criticised by many, but it has worked over the years so I believe that focus has remain unchanged.

Economic growth and increasing employment opportunities is a safe and sure-to-work approach in ensuring stability and peace in our nation.

With people gainfully employed with a steady stream of income, societal upheaval and crimes of sorts naturally will or should be minimised.

A place to live and achieve

Though I’m usually not an ardent fan (nor am I anti) of our government, but I have to admit that I’m grateful that they have provided Singaporeans (majority of us) like myself a place where we can fulfill our dreams and destinies (to a larger extend).

I speak for myself that if the “bread and butter” issues in accordance of the Maslow Hierarchy of needs are not met, I don’t think I would be in a privileged position to live out my beliefs and values.

Given the constraints of limited land and natural resources, I think some credit should be given to our government who have dictated harnessed well the strengths of its people in achieving overall progress.

My Singapore in the future

However, in the pursuit of economic progress that empahsises on high productivity and efficiency, as a nation we have paid a price by overlooking or compromising over virtues such as compassion and graciousness.

Now we can observe more caregivers taking over the role of parenting in families; more elderly folks being deported housed in nursing homes and are denied cheaper fares for public transport; and the introduction of new restrictions over the withdrawal of our CPF monies at retired age.

These are just a few of the tell-tale signs of the lack of compassion and graciousness in our society.

Personally, I believe that one should measure the greatness of a nation by its moral progress; by looking at how it treats the poor and needy.

Thus, what I do hope to see, is a Singapore that is more compassionate and gracious as a people in the years to come.

I’m confident this is achieveable when each one of us begin to genuinely look out for those who might have fallen into the “cracks” and provide them a leg up towards an inclusive society.

The Singapore PM’s Joke

This following joke is by an anonymous source. It’s really funny and makes a great tribute to our PM for his leadership as Singapore crosses her 44th year of independence.

The Prime Ministers from UK and Singapore and the President of USA, were traveling on a warship that was cruising near S.Arabia.

The 3 were talking about how brave their soldiers were when their cordial discussion soon turned into an argument where each wanted to prove the bravery of their own soldiers.

The President of USA said, “let me show u what is guts”, where upon he called his Colonel and said “Jump into the sea and swim 3 rounds around this ship!”.

The Colonel replied “Anything for Uncle Sam, Sir”, and jumped into the shark infested sea and swam 3 rounds around the ship, with the sharks chasing him like mad! After the successful 3 rounds, the Colonel came up to the deck and said, “I did it for Uncle Sam Mr. President!”.

The proud US President replied “That’s what I call guts!”.

The Prime Minister of UK became aggressive and quickly called his General and said “General, jump into the sea and swim 10 rounds around this ship!”.

The General replied “Anything for the Queen, Sir”, and jumped into the shark infested sea and swam 10 rounds around the ship, with the sharks chasing him frantically. After the successful 10 rounds the 3-star General came up to the deck and said, “Long Live the Queen!”.

The proud UK PM replied “That’s what I call guts!”

The Prime Minister of Singapore cannot control himself. He had to show that his soldiers have it too. He called one of his Private and said “Soldier, jump into the sea and swim 15 rounds around this ship!”

The Private replied “Oi, you siao (crazy) izzit?” I juz bought my 4-room and I am paying through my nose. Now, U want me to jump and die, eh? If u want to hao lian (show off), you jump into the sea yourself!

The Singapore PM smiled and said “Now, that’s what I call guts”.