My Recommended Places for Dating Couples

Every week or any other day, couples have to crack their brains to find the next best place to go for a date.

I believe that going on dates is something very important to keep the romance alive for every couple. This is especially challenging considering that we’re living in tiny island Singapore.

Hence, I have compiled my own list of recommended places for dating places that my girlfriend and I had found enjoyable and memorable.

Hope this suggestions and tips are useful. And if you have your own recommendations, please do share with us.

Here are my seven recommended dating places:

1. Danga Mall at Johor Bahru

The highlight of this isn’t the mall but the trip getting there. Danga Mall offers shoppers a nostlagis train ride experience from Tanjong Pager train station Singapore on the KTM train. Train schedule available here>>>.

Upon reaching Danga Mall, you may decide to venture off to familar places like City Square Mall. Shopping is also a good bet for the ladies, so this will be a happy dating experience where the guys will be more appreciated by the carrying of her shopping bags. Ha ha…

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is ‘secret’ venue that offers much variety of activities for a date. The lush greenery of nature makes it a great place for a picnic. If not, there are a number of F&B outlets that offers a good ambience in any time of the day.

What I enjoy are the day or night outdoor performances that are offered almost every other week. Most are complimentary, so do check out their events calendar here>>>.

3. Mount Faber

The best time for a date at this high point is in the evening where the city lights and stars glitter as a romantic backdrop to set your date on the right note.

At Mount Faber, you can choose from taking a walk, to a dinner or even a ride in the cable car. If what you desire is for a relaxing and enjoyable experience, this is the place.

4. Morton’s of Chicago

This fine-dining American steakhouse serves one of the finest steaks in the world. But at a hefty price of course. However, not many know that Morton’s also serves mouth-watering delectable desserts such as their air-flown New York Cheesecake and Godiva Chocolate cake.

Visit Morton’s for a dessert treat after 9pm. At this time, the restaurant is mostly empty and quiet for a great ambience. And if its your birthday, the crew of servers will even throw in a birthday song and a souvenir to remember your day.

5. The Singapore Flyer

For Singaporeans, this place is only worth one visit and that is the day when it falls on either one of your partners’ birthday. Birthday promotion entitles the birthday guy/lady 50% off for his/her ticket. So you only pay 75% for a pair of tickets.

The 30-min ride in the capsule does make a nice and romantic experience for a date. But provided you take it in the evening when the city lights come on. And on the promotion, please do contact them to verify on promotions.

6. The Wine Company@Evans Road

Last on this list is another dining place that is tucked away quietly along Evans road.  This has become not only my favourite place for date, but for group gatherings.

The Wine Company’s branch at Evans offers indoor and outdoor choice of ambience. What I really like about this place is the quality and price of its food which I would describe as value for money. Do check this place out. You won’t be disappointed!

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