How I ended my 2009

Now with one foot forward or five days into 2010, I’m thankful for how 2009 has ended for me.

In particularly, I like how I was able to complete my first 21km Standard Chartered Run and go for a mission trip to Jakarta.

Both took place in the month of December.

The breakthru’ run

The half-marathon run was a huge test for me and I was pitting against myself; pushing my limits and facing my fears.

And words could not describe adequately how I felt after I had crossed the finishing line.

If I could use one sentence, I would say: I feel like a winner!

The breakthru’ trip

For my mission trip, this was my first representing City Harvest Church (CHC) and also a first going with my fiancee.

This trip was part of a series of mission trip to support an affiliated church- GPdI Lippo Cikarang Church in its first-ever Emerge Youth Camp.

In this camp, I was given the tasks of planning and conducting life-skills workshops for inter-personal skills and public speaking.

However, what was significant for me was to be given an opportunity to share my testimony to the youths during one of the bible-teaching sessions.

Besides giving God the rightful recognition, I sincerely hoped that it would have encouraged them to know the depth of God’s love and His life-transforming power.

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