His Church moving forward

Over the last weekend, City Harvest Church finally held their first service at their new worship venue, Suntec SICEC.

In my viewpoint, this move was celebrated not so much because of a physical building more than the spiritual building of the body of Christ.

Besides this being another historical milestone for this church, more significantly to me, this represented a breakthrough for a progressive Christianity in Singapore.

For too long, Christianity has been on a retreat mode and boxed up by the world. However, another more guilty perpetrator had been (and still is) the corporate spirit of religion emerging among the Christian fraternity.

These have resulted in the presence, power and love of God mainly confined within the four walls of the church without much transformation made in the key areas of our marketplace.

But I strongly believe this is already changing.

In this new day and age, the Holy Spirit has never been more ready than before to release His gifts and anointing over His people and to present Christ in culture with the gospel in its totality.

The question is: “Are we ready and open to receive (as new wine skins)? Or are we unknowingly clammed up (as old wine skins)?”


Reasons why I am Arising and Building

It is not uncommon to hear churches rally their congregations to “build God a house” during any church building fund campaign.

However, this reason or thrust is flawed. Because God does not need a house.

Being new-covenanted Christians with the gift of the Holy Spirit , we’re the house or temple where the presence of God dwells.

Hence, it is clear that God does not need a physical structure to dwell among His people like how He did during the old testament era.

So why do I choose to support the church building project-“Arise & Build” of City Harvest Church (CHC)?

My reasons for supporting the “Arise & Build”

Though I’m a member of CHC, I’m aware that as a Christ-follower I am not obliged to give to the “Arise & Build” church building fund.

Nonetheless, it is with the same conviction as a Christ-follower in which I’m equally aware that I’m obliged to appropriately invest my finances in where it matters to Him as His steward to fulfill His kingdom purposes.

That said, here are my personal reasons that convinced me in supporting CHC and this campaign:

  • Good stewardship- I read that CHC pays about S$4-6 million every month for rent at the Expo to hold its services. Hence, it is only appropriate CHC ought to own a place for a more sustainable way of operation. Imagine what could be done with that money saved?

  • Mere practicality- This is an obvious reason. There is hardly any free space in Singapore where you can gather a massive numbers of people. So a building is necessity and not a luxury.

  • Trustworthy leadership- I might not have being a member with CHC for a long time, but I’ve personally observed and discovered that key leaders in CHC have demonstrated credibility and competence with their leadership.

  • Kingdom purpose (not church purpose)- Personally, I’m convinced that the gracious and mighty hand of God is on CHC. This church has a unique calling as a trail blazer in breaking new grounds to lead and inspire others in Asia and beyond towards fulfilling the Great Commission in the 21st century.

  • Let’s build up His true House

    I consider it a privilege to be able to share and play a part of this history-making project that glorifies God in a way that represents how progressive the Church of Jesus ought to be.

    The world has always attempted to undermine and inhibit the influence (His power and love) of the Church in the secular. But it is my earnest prayer  and desire to see this change. And I believe CHC will be one of key catalysts or agents to bring about that change.

    In conclusion, though we need not build God a house, it is with such building projects that build our lives up (the true house) as we do our part as Christ-followers to arise, build and establish His kingdom purposes on earth.

    Arise and Build

    Watch the video below of the announcement made by pastor Kong Hee during one of last weekend’s services, in regards to the acquisition as co-owners of Suntec Convention Centre (worth S$310 million) over one of last weekend services.

    You can read more about it here>>>.

    How I ended my 2009

    Now with one foot forward or five days into 2010, I’m thankful for how 2009 has ended for me.

    In particularly, I like how I was able to complete my first 21km Standard Chartered Run and go for a mission trip to Jakarta.

    Both took place in the month of December.

    The breakthru’ run

    The half-marathon run was a huge test for me and I was pitting against myself; pushing my limits and facing my fears.

    And words could not describe adequately how I felt after I had crossed the finishing line.

    If I could use one sentence, I would say: I feel like a winner!

    The breakthru’ trip

    For my mission trip, this was my first representing City Harvest Church (CHC) and also a first going with my fiancee.

    This trip was part of a series of mission trip to support an affiliated church- GPdI Lippo Cikarang Church in its first-ever Emerge Youth Camp.

    In this camp, I was given the tasks of planning and conducting life-skills workshops for inter-personal skills and public speaking.

    However, what was significant for me was to be given an opportunity to share my testimony to the youths during one of the bible-teaching sessions.

    Besides giving God the rightful recognition, I sincerely hoped that it would have encouraged them to know the depth of God’s love and His life-transforming power.

    The Final Solution- A New Messiah?

    Visit City Harvest Church this weekend as their all-engaging cast presents you an original and thought-provoking drama, “The Final Solution- A New Messiah?”

    Check out the trailer below.

    Full details on the venue and timings here>>>

    Reunited after Six Years

    Meet another Andrew a.k.a “Siao Kiat”.

    In one of my entries in my old blog, I  shared briefly about his story and his inspiring song that won him a Yellow-Ribbon award.

    Saved by His grace

    Some time ago, he was finally released after six years of imprisonment. We met recently and were reunited.

    Over our meet-up, we managed to update each other and fill up those missing links between us. It was a very meaningful time.

    I found out that he had dedicated his life fully to God.

    He shared with me how the grace of God melted his cold heart and broke him down like a weeping baby as he listened to some carols. That was during Christmas in 2006.

    In short, that’s how he gave his life to Jesus.

    Comrades in Christ

    The other delightful news was realising he was also worshiping in City Harvest Church!

    Just yesterday, I attended an appreciation dinner by City Harvest Community Services Association (CHCSA) upon his invitation.

    As he was a grateful recipient of their prison outreach, he was there to testify and also perform his self-composed song- Because You believe. I was there to show my support.

    The verdict? I can only exclaimed that he sung extremely well. He is a gifted singer.

    In the past, we were comrades for a wrong purpose. But now, we are comrades in Christ and shining along side for His eternal purpose!





    God is a Natural Giver, not a Taker

    Last week, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise from my mum when she told me of her intentions of blessing me with a certain amount for my marriage plans.

    The Arise & Build

    Prior to this news from my mum, I had actually pledged to God an amount for the Arise & Build project by City Harvest Church (CHC) in last November.

    I recalled I was contemplating on the prompted amount (by the Holy Spirit) to give. Apart from this being the largest one-time giving I would ever be giving, I was also weighing the practical aspect of my marriage plans.

    But in the end, I decided that God’s kingdom had to come first, not mine. Thus, I gave in faith to His vision.

    The divine surprise

    Moving back to last week. I found out that my mum was going to give 50 per cent more than what she had originally intended. And the surprise was that the increased quantum was exactly the amount I had pledged!

    How coincidental can that be?!

    In fact, this is not the first time I have experienced God’s blessings through my giving in faith. But I will save the others for future sharing opportunities.

    Finally, I would like to say that this experience has shown me another aspect of who God is; that He is not a debtor to man.

    With this deeper understanding that His nature is that of a giver and not a taker has increased my level of trust in Him.