Tony Blair: Being Open Is The Key To Being Successful

Below is a reproduced article that I had recently wrote for City News Print Weekly. It was a report of a speech Former UK Minister Tony Blair made when he stopped over in Singapore last month. He provided his views on global trends and challenges facing today’s world. Enjoy the read.

“The speed of change in our modern world is just too overwhelming and nothing is left untouched by the pace and depth of the nature of change. In our fast-changing world, you cannot stand still,” he said.

It is crucial that one be open-minded. Blair viewed it necessary as “new thinking and new ideas do not come to closed minds.”

In our modern world, where different races, creeds, cultures and religions live side by side, it is vital for individuals to see themselves as global citizens.

Hence, individuals ought to have the humility to learn from others who are different from them. It is when one becomes closed-minded, intolerable and disrespectful toward others, that he or she becomes limited in development.

In today’s inter-connected world, success also is built on partnerships between individuals.

Read the full report here>>>

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