My Read of the Month:

Title: The Book that Transforms Nations- Asia Edition
Author: Loren Cunningham
Published: 2006
Genre: Missions/Church history
Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

In this awe-inspiring book, Loren Cunningham succinctly presents his readers with short stories of past reformers and various interesting case studies of transformed countries to induce readers that the bible is powerful and all capable of building a nation from scratch.

Notable nation builders such as William Carey, John Wesley, Martin Luther, John Calvin and Dr. David Yonggi Cho were some of the few names mentioned. One common trait of these mighty men of God was how they recaptured spiritual leadership in influential areas of society namely: family, religion, education, entertainment, mass media, commerce, government.

Mr. Cunningham goes to explain how these nation builders taught and discipled others and “when a critical mass of people have the Bible and apply what it teaches in their lives, a nation is transformed…whenever a critical number of people abandon the Bible and stop applying it in their personal lives, that nation begins to destroy itself.”

A case in point would be the current upheaval spiritual state of Europe that has led to economical instability. Sadly, most of the people in these nations have departed from their Christian heritage and have turned away from God. According to Loren, their (Europeans’) view of the church and belief in God have been reduced to that of being an outdated and irrelevant faith that impedes progress.

The only shortcoming of this book is that it doesn’t delve deep enough into the autobiography of these nation builders. It merely presents a summary of their highlights and accomplishments. Other than that, this book is a soul-satisfying read that never fails to stir my spirit and faith in becoming like one of His “nation builders”.

Who should read it: Mostly suitable for Christians of all stages of maturity as it presents an informative snapshots of the history and milestones of the new testament church. And highly recommended for aspiring missionaries.

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