A Great Revival is Approaching

Last Sunday, I caught up with one of my long-time-no-see friends, Alex.

We had not met since 2005 and he was released from prison only two weeks ago. That day also happened to be the first time we went to a church service together.

Over lunch, he relayed his story to me in how he invited Christ into his life and his desire to live his life right from now on. I could see the determination in his eyes.

In the past, we were brothers in a gang. Now we are brothers in Christ!

It is always heartening to witness how Christ turns someone’s life around; like an inner light that suddenly switches on and now that person is able to see clearly a better path to chart.

Since 2000, I’ve observed that many of my friends from the gang such as Alex, Thomas and Kiat have gotten saved in Christ. Many of whom I’d never expected to be converted, actually became Christians.

Much of this is due to the sacrifices and unconditional love of ministry workers who have faithfully brought the gospel of God’s saving grace into prisons over the last couple of years.

I strongly believe these are mere glimpses toward a great revival that is approaching our city and Asia as more Christ-followers unite and take their rightful positions in His kingdom.

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