I know that He loves me

My trip to Sydney was nothing short of perfect!

It was the perfect getaway with God. And one fully instigated by Him.

Everything was arranged and paid for, from the air ticket to the accommodation.

He even got me fetched from and driven to the airport!

If that was not enough, He even blessed me with a couple of hundred dollars for expenses through a thoughtful friend.

From the start to the end of the trip, I was unreservingly lavished with His (practical) love through His people.

I guess God knew I needed a reminder and a fresh outpouring of His love since it is so easy to overlook or ignore my own needs (emotional and spiritual) in the midst of all the doing.

True enough, I met God there especially during the 4-day Presence Conference. He renewed me, refocused me and rejuvenated me.

In particularly, I felt a release of faith upon my inner being. I was comforted in His presence and assured of His love for me.

I know that He loves me; that He is and has been there for me even in my weakness. He is faithful and I’ll trust in His love.

I’ll wait for His promises to come to pass. I’ll keep the faith because a vision that is impossible requires faith. If it doesn’t, that it is not God-given.

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