My life’s vision and mission


This morning I was reflecting and reviewing my life’s vision and mission.

I looked back at what I had written 8 years ago and at where I am today, that vision is taking shape. And my mission and values are now pretty much part of who I am and how I live my life.

Although not me, but the GRACE of God which which was and is with me.

As I was praising and giving thanks to Him, I uttered these words ‘spontaneously’: “I do not need to be rich, all I need is the freedom to preach.”

I pondered on those words and thought deeply what it truly meant to me. And that FREEDOM in this context is:

  1. Having the upward mobility to interface and engage people at all levels and at any level.
  2. Having fullness of health where there are no physical limitations to impede or prevent me to be mobile in traveling places to people.
  3. Having the financial freedom to support His work towards advancing His kingdom when required.

Wow… those words surely weren’t from me, but the Spirit in me!