TESTIMONY: Knowing You, Jesus

One night, I was sitting at my couch just stoning. I had gone through yet another difficult episode in the area of my work and was looking up to God for some validation and comfort. And that’s when a familiar worship music suddenly erupted in the background.

I was baffled. My TV wasn’t on and my laptop was closed (not switched off). So I searched for the source of where the music was playing from by switching on my TV and opening my laptop. I finally found out that it was from my laptop and on a football channel which I watched that previous night. Now it was streaming BBC’s program – Songs of Praise.

Not sure how it came alive when my laptop was closed after more than 12 hours. Moreover, it happened when I was home, it had to be a Christian program and THAT song when it played. What are the coincidence?!?

The worship song was “Knowing You, Jesus” and the lyrics of the song resonated much with my spirit. I knew at once this divine encounter was God comforting and assuring me that He knows what I’m going through and the reason too. Its all about knowing and following Him. That’s all that matters. Cos there is no greater thing. He’s my all, He’s the best!

Listen to the full song here: https://youtu.be/OhLOwQ3af4w

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.27.53 AM

The programme that played the worship song when my laptop was closed.


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