Hitting the BIG 4-0!


I have finally hit 40 and I consider it “half time”. As I look back, I can describe the milestones of my journey as such:

1 to 10 years – Mostly played and brought havoc to my family.
11 to 20 years – My life went through a havoc time and I became a havoc in my teens.
21 to 30 years – Salvation and transformation. From a life of havoc to a life for the Rock.
31 to 40 years – Refinement and alignment with tests and trials to build my life on the Rock, Jesus Christ.

What lies ahead in the second half? I do not know.

But what I do know is that life is short. I want to make my life count – Not living in fear, but living in faith; not just by making a living, but also by making a difference!