His Church moving forward

Over the last weekend, City Harvest Church finally held their first service at their new worship venue, Suntec SICEC.

In my viewpoint, this move was celebrated not so much because of a physical building more than the spiritual building of the body of Christ.

Besides this being another historical milestone for this church, more significantly to me, this represented a breakthrough for a progressive Christianity in Singapore.

For too long, Christianity has been on a retreat mode and boxed up by the world. However, another more guilty perpetrator had been (and still is) the corporate spirit of religion emerging among the Christian fraternity.

These have resulted in the presence, power and love of God mainly confined within the four walls of the church without much transformation made in the key areas of our marketplace.

But I strongly believe this is already changing.

In this new day and age, the Holy Spirit has never been more ready than before to release His gifts and anointing over His people and to present Christ in culture with the gospel in its totality.

The question is: “Are we ready and open to receive (as new wine skins)? Or are we unknowingly clammed up (as old wine skins)?”