Reaching Peak Potential

Over the weekend, Manchester United won an all important match 3-1 against Tottenham Hotspurs to keep their BPL Championship titles hopes alive.

Besides the gallant display, I was particularly impressed with red devil’s old guard, Ryan Giggs who scored two of the three goals for the home team.

Exceptional Ryan Giggs

Unnoticed by some, this 37-year-old player was playing and almost completing his 20th highly-competitive season for Manchester United.

And considering that he has won almost every coveted award or prize available (except the elusive world cup), his consistency and insatiable appetite for success is commendable.

What’s more remarkable is how Giggs has defied all odds to fully stretch and reach his peak potential as a soccer player at his age despite the average soccer player best-by-date being at 28-30 years old.

Excellence required to peak

Here’s a quote worth mentioning: “Winner never quit, and quitters never win”.

If there’s anything that can be learnt from Giggs, it would be his relentless pursuit of excellence to raise the bar of his game. That’s because it is so easy for us to lose the drive to excel after tasting a bit of success.

Likewise, it is my prayer that I’ll have this similar spirit of excellence and stay focus on the goal that God has set for me; to keep on keeping on in reaching my peak potential.

I’m believing God for more (of Him and from Him) and not settling for anything less. I simply desire to become and accomplished all that God has created and destined me for.

More on Excellence

Pursuit of ExcellenceMediocrity is a curse that God wants to remove from our lives.

As Christians, we should reach for a higher standard of excellence than the world sets. God deserves our very best!

Superior quality should be the hallmark of everything a Christian is and does as we have the responsibility to bear a good testimony whenever we produce works of superior quality.

Conversely, we become a poor testimony when we produce works of inferior quality.

What does it mean to excel or to have excellence?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, excellence means:

  • To exceed a given standard that is ordinary, average, terrible or unworthy.
  • To be first-rate, first-class, exceptional, peerless, matchless, foremost, exemplary, top-grade, outstanding, superior, superb, superlative, splendid, deserving admiration, top-notch, A-1, marvelous, extraordinary, awesome, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic, heavenly, mind-blowing, stupendous, super, terrific, wondrous and pukka (best quality)!
  • To be superior in quality, greater in quantity, to transcend your job description, and to outdo yourself each time.