More on Excellence

Pursuit of ExcellenceMediocrity is a curse that God wants to remove from our lives.

As Christians, we should reach for a higher standard of excellence than the world sets. God deserves our very best!

Superior quality should be the hallmark of everything a Christian is and does as we have the responsibility to bear a good testimony whenever we produce works of superior quality.

Conversely, we become a poor testimony when we produce works of inferior quality.

What does it mean to excel or to have excellence?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, excellence means:

  • To exceed a given standard that is ordinary, average, terrible or unworthy.
  • To be first-rate, first-class, exceptional, peerless, matchless, foremost, exemplary, top-grade, outstanding, superior, superb, superlative, splendid, deserving admiration, top-notch, A-1, marvelous, extraordinary, awesome, brilliant, fabulous, fantastic, heavenly, mind-blowing, stupendous, super, terrific, wondrous and pukka (best quality)!
  • To be superior in quality, greater in quantity, to transcend your job description, and to outdo yourself each time.

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