My Read of the Month:

Finding God's Will in a crazy mixed up worldTitle: Finding the Will of God in a Crazy Mixed-up World
Tim LaHaye
Published: 1989
Genre: Christianity- Spiritual Growth
Ratings: 2.0 out of 5 stars

This book attempts to equip readers with a mental framework when approaching or seeking the will of God in their lives.

The author presents his views of God’s will in three levels: His “perfect” or complete will, “good” will and “acceptable” will describe God’s will for the people who fall into sin but then repent and still desire to do God’s basic will.

Though the three levels seems sound and logical, but yet I have my reservations on determining what is God’s perfect will and what is acceptable in a person’s life. Who are we to know or to judge? I also found some of the life examples given in the text not biblically sound or right. Therefore, this book ain’t the best to read for insights.

Do used wisdom and caution while adopting this concept especially in providing counseling to others in choosing what is perfect, good or acceptable which should be stemmed from God’s word and His ways and also in accordance to a person’s level of maturity in the faith.

Who should read it: Those who’re seeking for guidance and clarity in living out his/her life in God’s will.