A Wake-up Call for Us?

Even as many all over the world remain in anguish and despair over the catastrophic deaths incurred by the tragic wrath of Cyclone Nagis in Myanmar and Sichuan’s earthquake in China, some if not a lot of people may be grappling over why God allowed such tragedies to even happened.

Mourning for the loss livesIs God love? If He is, doesn’t He love the victims of these disasters?

Is God heartless? How can He even allow such suffering to upon so many innocent lives?

Maybe this proves that there isn’t really a God at all?

God does exist

First and foremost, there is God and He exists!

With our finite minds, we can never “box” God up into what we comprehend of Him and the world. He exists even before we existed.

In simple terms, He created us. He’s the source and there cannot be any dispute to that. No one on earth has ever outlived God long enough to proof otherwise.

Whether or not disasters occur or not will not change the fact that He exists.

In fact, isn’t it strange how we never take notice or acknowledge God when things are going smoothly in our lives but when disaster or problems erupted, God suddenly comes into the picture?

He loves all

God loves every single one of us regardless of our nationality, race, gender, background, education or social status. That’s because to Him, we are all the same; we’re His. He created us.

It is precisely because of His deep love for us that He sacrificed His beloved Son, Jesus in order that we might be saved.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

Therefore, the right place to look for the answer if God loves us is not at our circumstances like the disasters, but at the cross where He died for us.

The Church to arise

The end days are near just as Jesus had foretold in Matthew and the signs are appearing in increasing frequency and intensity.

Helping the victims of Sichuan EarthquakeOf all people, God is the most grieved. His heart aches the most to see His people going through pain and suffering.

But yet, He has to allow it because in His wisdom, He is working out His purpose.

In view of this, the Church needs to arise with urgency to the call. We need to pray for the nations and share the Good News with greater fervency.

Even in the midst of these disasters, let us manifest and reflect the existence and love of God by being His Hands in nursing those who are hurt, comforting the mourning and helping the destitute around us.