A Wake-up Call for Us?

Even as many all over the world remain in anguish and despair over the catastrophic deaths incurred by the tragic wrath of Cyclone Nagis in Myanmar and Sichuan’s earthquake in China, some if not a lot of people may be grappling over why God allowed such tragedies to even happened.

Mourning for the loss livesIs God love? If He is, doesn’t He love the victims of these disasters?

Is God heartless? How can He even allow such suffering to upon so many innocent lives?

Maybe this proves that there isn’t really a God at all?

God does exist

First and foremost, there is God and He exists!

With our finite minds, we can never “box” God up into what we comprehend of Him and the world. He exists even before we existed.

In simple terms, He created us. He’s the source and there cannot be any dispute to that. No one on earth has ever outlived God long enough to proof otherwise.

Whether or not disasters occur or not will not change the fact that He exists.

In fact, isn’t it strange how we never take notice or acknowledge God when things are going smoothly in our lives but when disaster or problems erupted, God suddenly comes into the picture?

He loves all

God loves every single one of us regardless of our nationality, race, gender, background, education or social status. That’s because to Him, we are all the same; we’re His. He created us.

It is precisely because of His deep love for us that He sacrificed His beloved Son, Jesus in order that we might be saved.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

Therefore, the right place to look for the answer if God loves us is not at our circumstances like the disasters, but at the cross where He died for us.

The Church to arise

The end days are near just as Jesus had foretold in Matthew and the signs are appearing in increasing frequency and intensity.

Helping the victims of Sichuan EarthquakeOf all people, God is the most grieved. His heart aches the most to see His people going through pain and suffering.

But yet, He has to allow it because in His wisdom, He is working out His purpose.

In view of this, the Church needs to arise with urgency to the call. We need to pray for the nations and share the Good News with greater fervency.

Even in the midst of these disasters, let us manifest and reflect the existence and love of God by being His Hands in nursing those who are hurt, comforting the mourning and helping the destitute around us.

10 thoughts on “A Wake-up Call for Us?

  1. Hi Bro,

    indeed, the heart of the Lord is broken when lives were lost just like this.

    And yes, God does exist.

    If you watched the news, you will see that for those mountaineous area where the roads are blocked, the Chinese send in Paratroopers jumping off the places to provide help in the soonest possible ways to reach those unreachables.

    we know that without the great invention of air-plane, many survivors could not have been reached in time.

    earthquakes and other disasters happened thru the centuries, from the beginning of time probably. but i think that over the last few centuries with our great human population growth explosion. The Lord has given much wisdom to many scientists to lead the industrial revolution to give the world automobile and machinery, not only as a way to trade and grow rich. but today, we see that such invention has been used to reach victims in time, and also to ‘dig’ them out thru scanners to find them and etc, for e.g.

    Alongside is the Info Age that we are right in, which provide for first hand info, resulting in worldwide compassion and thus out-pouring of donation and physical help. This also provided for concerned Christians to have first-minute intercession for the needs of the rescue n retoration operations.

    i can imagined this, centuries before the world has seen the cars, planes, tv that we have. there are earthquakes and cyclones too. i can imagined during one of those earthquakes came and many of the victims were crying for help while they got trapped under the rubbles. i think they passed away because they were not reached in time or not being found at all.

    i think the Lord must have heard their cries, and so He gave Man the idea to invent air-planes, the internet, the tv… etc, so that rescue workers can reached them asap. one more live saved, is another cause for heaven to rejoice.


    As we look to the future, especially from the way that the government of China acted, i can visualised that if another earthquake come along again and hit its people, and people who at the first instancse survived the initial quake but was trapped under the rubbles. i believe they will survived longer in terms of hours under the rubbles as they wait to be rescued.

    because they know they will have a high chance of being found if they hanged on long enough. (the latest i heard is 195 hours, it proves that the human body can tahan tat long, so long they have the willpower) they will know that the government will come to them no matter what as shown thru this episode.

    more importantly, they know that after they are being saved , the government will certainly provided for them in the re-building of their homes. and this is a great hope for them to cling to when they are under the rubbles waiting for rescue, i can imagined.

    Let’s look to the Lord and Praise Him because He is really there throughout all the time.

    Praise the Lord!

  2. God is good, but accident do happen!
    Well, God’s protection might not be with them. People will say, if God is good – why did He let this type of thing happen. But you must know if only you are under God’s protection, and under His promise.
    Sadly, to say, there are not much Christians in both countries. If you can see the conversation between Abramham and God, you can see it more clearly. In the midst of destroy the city of Sodom, Abtamham intercede for them, but if only “There are 10 righteous men”. For today’s context, if there are 10% of the people are God’s people then ……. (leave for your imagination).
    People really have to have faith in their life, then righteousness will be credit to them.
    With righteousness present in one’s life, one can be sure he will be like Lot escape from the destruction of Sodom, one can receive the wealth from the unrighteousness one like Jacob receive from Laban.
    So think about it……..

  3. Caesar:

    Though you’re right about being confident when we walk in righteousness and are without blame that the favour of God upon us…

    But your views can be flawed or unbalanced if not explained clearly cos bad things or accidents do happen to anybody including the righteous. And Job is a good example.

    Your comments are similar to Job’s friends when Job was in his suffering plight. But in the end, the truth prevailed as Job persevered.

    On 21 May 2008, Christian musician’s 5-year old daughter died in a tragic accident. You can read about the story here- http://imagebearer.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/tragedy/

    So according to your theory in your comment, does this apply in Steven Curtis Chapman’s accident?

  4. Well, I respect your view. But, I wish that you will take a close look. Job did not died in the suffering. Because of his righteousness, God strictly warned the devil, not to take his life.
    When a test is a test, nobody escaped. Even Jesus was tempted by the devil in desert. Success is not develop in the time of happy-go-luck, but through rough period of their time. Even the finest jewellery need burning of flame and fine cutting to shine – so is the light of the world, without darkness, light will not be notice.

    I think you shall not compare the non-christian with Job, in your fair point of view, if one who don’t believe in God, but he doing good thing yet he was not the child of God, until he believe God and His way.

    Have you heard of news about God protecting His people, you can go into the Bible or some Good church’s witnessing. Just because you never witness this thing – you can not say it don’t exist.

    Christian is just Christian, only when he or she realized they are the seed of Abraham, generation of God’s promise, then they can do great thing.

    Ok, I respect your view – if you think you need law to bind yourself, is ok. I want grace to flow freely in me.

  5. “On 21 May 2008, Christian musician’s 5-year old daughter died in a tragic accident.”
    If you read the story in the end, you will see good thing in it. If their daughter did not died, they will be staying in their spiritual comfort zone. Same as Job, if his children did not perish – he will not step up a new level of faith.
    Righteousness is not what you or other people claimed. If I say you are righteousness – you still can be not righteousness.
    Remember, when Abram believe in God, God credited him righteousness – this is the true righteousness.
    If you can not trust God in hard time, the more you will not trust Him in good time.

  6. Caesar:

    I think you missed the point of our discourse. You said….

    “Well, God’s protection might not be with them. People will say, if God is good – why did He let this type of thing happen. But you must know if only you are under God’s protection, and under His promise.”

    From this, are you implying if I am not a Christian I deserve to be die when an accident happens to me like a victim in China? And all Christians can expect not to die since we have God’s protection?

    This is the part where I find not balanced or incomplete. Maybe you can help to elaborate on that.

    The rest of your other comments and replies, I agree with you.

  7. I do feel sorry for them, but you can not say God is heartless.
    If all of the people think like this, I got a question.
    Why all the bad thing point up to God?
    When all the thing are good, people win lottery, lucky draw – they went to pray foreign gods.
    Be fair to God.
    If God is accountable for them, then think about this.
    If there is not fine standard, you can not believe in God and still go heaven.
    If someone want you to help, yet he or she don’t believe you can do it, how will you feel?
    If it boil to the fact, they don’t know God – one thing for sure – Christian is not doing their job.
    If God is heartless, then Jesus don’t have to died on cross.
    How heartless are people who say God is heartless?
    They are like the nine lepars who Jesus healed and don’t bother to thanks.

  8. The Path Of The Righteous
    The path of the righteous is never likened unto men’s ways, but it is laid out upon the heavenlies. Your walk can never be measured as men measure their walks, but it is measured by the span of My Hand. For I have chosen your course to walk out with Me, and it is up to you to fully follow Me. You cannot be what I have chosen for you to be, unless you walk out the path that I have laid for thee. It is a path of liberty, and it is a path of discovery. It is a path that all that are Righteous must walk, for the ways of Holiness and of Truth can never be bought, or truly taught, but they must be fashioned within you and without, as you continually walk it out.

    What men see and measure their earthly opinions by, is only through what they understand with their natural minds, their natural eyes and their ears, but if they truly had My Counsel and had stood in My Presence, they would decide less and fear Me more. For I am bringing a People through a Way which has not been understood before, through a Way which cannot be measured as earthly men understand, and by a Way that is not fashioned of this Earth. For how can a man walk with Me and then try to walk as with men? It cannot be done, for My Ways are above men’s, and they are Holy.

    The earth is responding to the birthing forth that I have begun. The travails and the awakenings are only part of the process that will break all of the bands that have held Mine bound. The Sound of My Spirit breaking forth is just beginning to be heard around the world, but men do not yet see that I am setting them free. Men still judge what they see and by what think they know, but most do not even inquire of Me, nor walk with Me, for if they did, they would already know. Greater sounds than these will be released, waves upon waves of My Breakers will move across the lands, as I sweep through to loose all the bands. None of My People will ever again walk as do the earthly man, but Mine will be as I am.

    The Breakers have been released as I have fashioned them to be. Radical they are, but then what else would they be? Just as John came as a Firebrand to set a fire to My land, so shall My new Breakers come forth that will also burn within My Hand. For I am yet bringing an even greater Fire that will fully purge the iron chains and religious bands, and I will bring forth an even greater shaking to dethrone all that has held Mine in it’s iron hand. The mocking and the criticizing will stop as My Holy Fear sweeps the lands, for I have awakened My Firebrands.

    One by one, they come forth, even as My increasing Winds do blow from the North. Earthquakes and Eruptions that cannot be measured, will truly reveal what has been deeply entrenched and by earthly men, treasured. Nothing will remain hidden from My Gaze, for My Heavenly Fires across this land are being set ablaze and men will fully understand and they will behold their God, as they see My Angel pass by with My Golden Rod. I am not a Revival, nor am I a Move, but I have begun to shake and men’s hearts to fully prove, and those I awaken cannot be hidden again, for I have come down to walk with Mine again. I now dwell in the midst of My People and upon My Mount they will all stand, as I pass through the shaking fiery lands.

    Take heed to where you stand, and behold what and who I AM. For I am not as men think, nor do I take earthly commands, but I am your God, and before Me you will eternally stand. What I fully do in the earth cannot be understood at this point in the birth, but walk with Me and abide in Me and you will move as Me throughout the Journey. The fashioning of the nations has only begun to take its new form, and what you view as naturally permanent will not be the true norm. For men have changed the laws and have moved the boundaries that I have established, so My Hands will confront the earthly establishments. What I have decreed will truly be what I have written in My Word, but do not measure what I am doing by what you formerly have seen and have heard, but let your spirit soar with Me as the heavenly bird, and listen to Me from the Mount from where you have given birth.

    Greater upheavals in the natural and also in the spirit will continue to erupt and to even further expand, as I shake free My Mine from their spiritual encampments and from their souls’ bands. I will not tolerate the divisions and the strife to continue in My Body, but with My Hand will they be severed with My Holy Knife. My Body will be one and it will be as Me, and when I am fully done, earthly men will truly fear those who have learned to stand as One and who have become as Me. The path of the Righteous is upright before Me. As they walk with me and as they learn to walk together, you will see the true power of Unity. For it is not a learned way, it is Me. The Path of the Righteous is laid out in the heavelies, so walk with Me, and allow Me to emerge forth from thee. For it is to be as I have ordained it to be.

    Behold what now comes, as the emerging Breakers’ proceed forth from Me.
    -Susan Cummings-05-09-08-Tel Aviv, Israel

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