My Doodling:

WOOHOO!!! Manchester United are the European Champions!!! After spending the entire morning watching the pulsating premier final match between Man U and Chelsea, I am walking around with panda eyes. But it was worth every loss minute of sleep =p

Watch the exciting match highlights here>>>

4 thoughts on “

  1. no wonder u looked “!@##”£$%!@#@$& when u came over to ask me for the event proposal thingy today! haha.

  2. I also watched that match because of my brother who “chio” me to keep him company to watch at a coffee shop nearby my house.

    It could be more worth to sleep more. 😦

  3. Ha ha… sour grapes! =p

    No worries… you are entitled to your comments and to dream about next season’s championship just as Liverpool have been doing at the start of every new season. Ha ha…

    Man United Rules!

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