Appreciating God More

Love GodSince early March I found myself confronted with an unexpected juncture that would indefinitely change the course for my life.

Despite being in the midst of such a tumultuous period in which I would liken to a phase of gestation, I find myself strangely at peace in my mind and heart. And this is only because God has been with me; walking this through with me.

Indeed, this period has been helpful in gaining clarity of His will in my life and purity in my heart.

Through this period, I have also learnt to appreciate God even more in my life. Cos I realised that whenever I need God, He is ALWAYS there and EVER-READY to listen to me.

Wonderful isn’t it, that the King of the universe would spare me His precious time to talk to a “lowly” me?

But yet I can be such an ingrate in most days where I snubbed God with my busyness and placed Him in the waiting list.

What a joke rite?

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