Being a ‘Joseph’ at work

Since joining my current organisation, the biblical character of Joseph in the book of Genesis has been my daily inspiration.

His journey towards fulfilling his destiny is one that demands respect and rouses one to follow his example.

Key attributes of Joseph

In many aspects, I find Joseph a great exemplary of a marketplace leader that all of us can emulate in this 21st century.

He embodies the key attributes necessary in setting us up for success. These attributes are: (1) character, (2) competence and (3) charisma.


Even with the lack of supervision from Potiphar (his boss), Joseph displayed integrity by being faithful in his work.

He was also trustworthy with what he was entrusted with as he didn’t covet what wasn’t rightfully his (c.f. Genesis 39:7-8).


It should be the case that things in Potiphar’s household would usually turned out in disarray or went missing when the other slaves were entrusted.

But with Joseph in charge, everything was in order and prospering (c.f. Genesis 39:4-5).

Obviously, Joseph was a problem-solver and not a problem-creator.


Joseph’s charismatic flair was not about his personality or mannerism, but it was his ability in using his personal being to interface.

It seemed that he had an innate magnetism that caught the attention and favour of Potiphar. And that was the presence of God in his life (c.f. Genesis 39:2-3).

Ultimately, it was God who brought success to Joseph.

My Prayer in being a ‘Joseph’

I believe this recurring impression of emulating Joseph- his perseverance, credibility and success- is His word for the season for me in this organisation.

Taking my cue from Joseph, I want to carry and exude the presence of God in my life at work.

I pray that I may be favoured as a reliable and trustworthy manager and that everything which is entrusted to me will prosper for His glory.


The Life of Joseph: Dreams Fulfilled

Recently, I read about the life story of Joseph through the pages of Genesis. His story is one that is truly inspiring.

This time reading it again brought fresh insights and revelation from God.

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

Romans 15:4

Interestingly, my observation about Joseph’s life has enabled me have more clarity in what He might be doing in my life and how I too should respond in any given circumstances.

The man of dreams

Joseph was described as a man of dreams or the dreamer as it was recorded that he had two dreams which illustrated how his father and his brothers knelt before him.

This revelation about his future was given unto him when he was just a young lad. And I can imagine how Joseph must had been feeling so excited about it.

Cos if he wasn’t, he would not have gone around sharing it to his brothers who were incensed with jealousy.

Later on, we read that his brothers plotted against him and sold him to be a slave. Joseph was eventually brought to Egypt where he served Potiphar’s household.

The Author of dreams

When reading the plight of Joseph, it would be natural to pity with him in how he was betrayed by his own flesh and blood.

From being a young master with a comfortable, secure and good life, Joseph was now a slave leading a dirty, tough and poor life.

But as I read on, I’ve come to realise how the Hand of God was writing the chapters of Joseph’s life towards fulfilling his dreams when he was made the Prime Minister of Egypt.

If Joseph had not been not sold and remained with his family in the land of Canaan, then his dreams would have never been fulfilled. All the chain of events from the betrayal of his brothers to his imprisonment was orchestrated by God to bring Joseph closer to his dreams.

Likewise, things (whether good or bad) happen to us for His reason and purpose. we must not lose the plot and react negatively. Hence, we must fix our eyes on Him and trust in His love and promises.

Dreams fulfilled

In chapter 45 of Genesis, we read that Joseph cried uncontrollably when he saw his brothers kneeling before him. In the past, I used to think that it was because he felt guilty towards his brothers that he cried. Or that it was because he missed them so much that he cried.

Now, I realised that it was none of what I had thought before. Rather it was because he saw his dreams coming to pass before his eyes when his brothers knelt before him.

And upon seeing his dreams fulfilled, he finally understood why God had put him through all the years of suffering as a slave in Egypt. Joseph could now put the pieces of his life together and truly see how awesome God was.

I believe we can also experience this (our dreams fulfilled) if we remain steadfast in our faith in God by constantly growing in His grace and knowledge of His word. And that’s what I pray and look forward to in my own life.