GE 2011: What is God doing?

This year, the general elections in Singapore looks to be a watershed one!

Since independence, this is the first time all (87) seats are contested except 5 seats namely from Tanjong Pagar GRC. And this was due to a controversial incident.

Nonetheless, this remains a significant progress for Singapore’s political scene especially with majority of Singaporeans voting for the very first time after countless walkovers.

From the last election that happened in 2006, I’ve observed two key factors that are distinctive in shaping this election.

First is the increased numbers of young voters or Gen-Ys who are eligible above the age of 21 years old, and the other is the influence of social media, in particularly Facebook that is shaping the opinions of Singaporeans.

These two are inter-linked because it is the Gen-Ys that are more savvy or in tuned to such online social media platforms. And together, they prove to be a lethal force to be reckoned with.

It has contributed in addressing the general lack of apathy among the average Singaporean towards political issues and appealed to more citizens to join the opposition parties.

Because information is now no longer just confined or belonging to the higher echelon of society or baby boomers. The Internet has levelled the playing field where vital information is easily accessible and shared among people.

That said, amidst all the buzz and excitement, I’m trying to discern what is God’s agenda or move in this overall political situation.

I strongly believe that He’s taking Singapore to the next level where this nation and the Church can fulfill its full potential towards advancing His global redemptive plan.

So in this elections, let’s pray and vote wisely.

Capitalising on the Global Trends

If we take a quick glance at the past global trends, we can easily traced the Hand of God behind each of these emergence of new technology that had enabled His word to spread exponentially.

Below are some of these past major breakthroughs of existing technologies:

  1. The invention of the first alphabet around 2000 BCE. That came in time for His word to be put in scripture.
  2. The arrival of the printing press around 1440 that allowed the Reformers led by Martin Luther, to place the bible into the hands of the people.
  3. The discovery of the electronic means of mass communication- radio and film in the late 1800s. This gave birth to the evangelical movement, allowing believers to use these mediums to spread His word.
  4. TV and satellite transmission were developed in the early 1900s. This was just when the charismatic movement begun and allowing all kinds of gospel television to spread around the world.

And today, we can observed how the emergence of the Internet in the mid 1990s has tremendously shaped our world into a global village; greatly accelerating the speed of globalisation through the easily-accessible exchange of information for economic or social reasons.

With the Internet, we’ve seen how businesses have adopted and leveraged on the Internet by further expanding their reach and operations across the globe.

Governments are also slowly realising that the old model of central governance is becoming almost impossible to lead a nation in this 21st century as the Internet has given more ‘power’ to the people th an ever before.

What about His Church? How have we capitalise on the opportunities of the current trend of globalisation? Are we still stuck in old ways?

Uniting the Church as one

Today’s globalised world has opened new doors of opportunities for churches within a nation and around the world to unite as a body to collaborate towards fulfilling the Great Commission.

No church, denomination or movement is the best or has the best strategy or method in accomplishing God’s work. As the saying goes, “Together everybody achieves more”. And may I add “faster” too.

But above the call of duty to fulfill the Great Commission, isn’t it the prayer of Jesus that His people may be one just as He and the Father are one? (c.f. John 17:20-24)

Hence, I believe that in this opportune era, we as the Church ought to make deliberate initiatives to walk in His heart beat as one body so that the whole world may know that we’re truly His disciples (c.f. John 13:34-35) as God is love.

And I think there’s no better way to spread the message when we become the message!