Memoirs of a Marketplace Minister

Some time ago I had been praying for God to use me more at my workplace as His minister.

An answered opportunity

An opportunity presented itself when one of colleagues wasn’t feeling too well. I knew this was an answered prayer.

I plucked up my courage, and offered to pray for healing for her. To my relief and joy, she agreed!

I prayed for her and we committed her recovery to the Lord’s Hands.

Looking out for others

My desire is not just to do well at work , but also to be a friend to my colleagues.

In regards to that experience, I believe she was healed as she was able to carry on her work for the rest of the day. Glory to God!

I am also thankful that I could exercised my faith and love in being “a church without walls”.

Like Jesus, I pray that I will become more caring and sensitive to the needs of others around; finding a need to meet it, and to finding a hurt to heal it.

Discovering More of His Destiny

PrayingLately, I have been led to pray even more as I learnt that prayer does wet one’s appetite for God’s presence and will in one’s life.

One’s spiritual hunger will always lead him/her to a prayerful life.

There must be more than this

For some time, I’ve realised that I have been hitting a plateau with my walk with God. This has caused a deep dissatisfaction within me.

“There must be more than this!”

“There must be more of God that I have yet experienced!”

“Teach me Lord how I can really live my faith and life with more of Your power whether it is in my workplace; in my bedroom; in church; with my friends or family!”

I know for a certain that there just have to more than this cos my God is a BIG God.

Pray, pray and PRAY

I am learning more how prayer is the “secret” of drawing near to God. Without God, I inevitably limit myself as I depend on my own strength without tapping on His supernatural resources.

Having a vision alone is not enough, we need passion to see it to fulfillment. And prayer is the key to sustaining that passion.

Prayer also helps me to be sure and clear of the path that I am threading as I hear His voice providing me direction and encouragement.

I need God

Albeit this period of uncertainty and barrenness, this has somehow dug deeper a spiritual hunger for more of Him. So I know this phase is good and I am earnestly praying and trudging towards where He is leading me step by step.

As quoted from a preacher, “Our spiritual appetite is vital in determining whether or not we turn out as a man of destiny or a man with a mediocre life.”

And I am determine to live out His destiny for my life for His redemptive purpose.