My Read of the Month:

Title: Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men – One Message
Author: Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Published: 2006
Genre: Financial/Self-improvement
Ratings: 3.8 out of 5 stars

This is an arresting read that will serve well in giving you an overview of our global financial situation from these two highly successful businessmen.

In this combined-effort book, they challenge readers to think big and provide reasons why we should veer away from the crutch mentality. Reading this also helped me to understand Singapore and our government’s policies better like the reasons behind increasing the CPF take-out age and healthcare matters.

I like the part where Robert shared his views on the confusion that people had about God and money. Commonly, the desire to be rich is mostly viewed as being anti-God, but yet the bible (parable of the talents) rewarded the rich and not the poor.

In any case, he leaves readers to decide on their own set of beliefs, but shares his strong faith in a higher being (namely God).

Pick this up if you want to stretch your mindset or attitude towards attaining wealth.

Who should read it: Those who desire to gain insights towards their personal financial situation especially helpful during this economic slowdown.

Penetrating the Media Space

Since 2006, I chanced upon this gift of writing incidentally through blogging and my work.

It is through this passion and flair for writing that I discovered more of His calling for me- to be salt and light in the media space or arena.

Writing for His glory

At that time, I really did not know how I was to get in. I just prayed and took each step by faith as it unfolded with each day. And of cos, writing hard each day too.

Though after two years I know that I’m still very far from completing His vision, but I’m  amazed at how He has built the in-roads for me to penetrate into the media space as a writer.

It has to be God’s leading as these in-roads appeared out of nowhere for me. It was certainly not due to my own capabilities.

The 90/10 strategy

Besides it being a ministry, I am beginning to see how God is leading me towards this as possible career in the near future.

In spite of the general not-so-good views of writing as not being a lucrative or ideal job in Singapore, I think otherwise.

Based on the 90/10 rule explained by Robert Kiyosaki, I see more opportunities for me to enter into the 10 per cent as a writer. I foresee that this path will be further backed with the emerging trends of the Internet.

We only need to look to the US to see what Singapore’s development will be like in the coming years. And the Internet will be play a massive role in shaping that future.