My Read of the Month:

Title: Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life
Author: Donald J. Trump and Bill Zanker
Published: 2007
Genre: Business/Leadership
Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Donald Trump is arguably one of the most recognised businessmen in the world. His extremely successful career as Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization has made him a highly sought after speaker for many who are hungry to emulate his success.

In this book, Trump not only reveals some of his personal key principles and business philosophy, he also reveals his larger-than-life personality. And he is definitely kick ass!

Trump’s first advise to those who want to be financially successful is to find one’s passion. He explains that if you love what you do, you’re going to work harder, you’re going try harder, you’re going to be better at it, and you’re going to enjoy your life more.

He encourages his readers to find a mission or purpose that go beyond monetary rewards that they can be passionate about. If they find their passion in doing something useful for people, the money will follow.

Another one of his advises is to adopt the traits of all highly successful individuals- thinking big. Displaying a big-thinking attitude stems from self-belief in his/her ability and worth. According to Trump, that kind of attitude is more important than one’s IQ as how big a person thinks determines how big a success he/she will become.

Though I do appreciate Trump’s no-nonsense leadership style, but I do not admire some of his traits as a successful businessman. However, he is incredibly open about them. He shares much of his ‘juicy’ personal life and experiences  in this book.

For instance, Trump readily admits that it is mostly his fault that led to his two failed marriages. He is now married to his third wife. On his ex-wives, he said, “I just know it’s very hard for them (Ivana and Marla) to compete because I do love what I do. I really love it.”

Like him or not, you got to give him credit for where he is today for his persistence in achieving his dreams. Through this book, I now have a newfound respect for this man.

Who should read it: For those who want to learn how to get rich in the business world.

My Revelation on ‘Thoughts’

Some time ago, I had a dream. In this dream, I was having a conversation with a friend and it went something like this:

“How is heaven different from earth?”



I woke up mulling over this and wondered what thoughts had to do with heaven and earth. Finally, I understood this ‘revelation’.

Having big thoughts of big dreams

It is not wrong to say that in heaven there won’t be any need for thoughts as we would when we are on earth.

Thoughts can also refer to as our dreams. Usually when we think of thoughts, it is something related to the future. It can be thoughts for the immediate or distant future.

We think about what to eat for lunch or what to wear for the next appointment. Those are for the immediate. But when we think what will I do for the next 5 years or I want to be a social entrepreneur when I am 30, those are for the distant future.

Big thoughts of big dreams require faith. And faith is what we need in order to think big and dream big. With thoughts and faith closely intertwined, it was clearer for me to understand why thoughts would no longer exist in heaven.

Because in heaven, faith is no longer required as we are with God and all things will be perfect.

More decoding on thoughts

If it is true that thoughts are no longer needed in heaven, it means that our thoughts should be regarded as something sacred and precious while we are living this life on earth.

But what thoughts are we mostly thinking? Negative or positive? Backward thinking or forward thinking? Destructive or productive?

I submit that if we just have this one life to live and use, we should be thinking big and dreaming big for God. Cos it is the only chance we have in exercising faith and to experience the thrill and adrenalin of seeing dreams becoming a reality.

Our attitude and outlook of life should be one of enjoyment and not one crippled by fear and false security. Since we have this one life to live, let’s live it to win rather than living a life avoiding loss.

Having thoughts of godly purpose

It’s important to be thinking big dreams of fulfilling our God-given destiny. “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp,” as Robert Browning said. That’s what keeps us going in life.

What happens when we do not think big and shrink? This leaves us at the level of mere survival in living our lives and it is not what God has created us for.

In truth, Jesus promises a life that is full in Him; one lived as a conqueror (scripture says more than a conqueror!). Let us be daring enough to dream big towards fulfilling His purpose in our lifetime.

Moreover on earth, we can place our faith in a living God that will accomplish exceeding and abundantly more that we can ever imagine through us.

Let our reality begin with our dreams, and our dreams will become our reality.