What a Divine Wedding Gift!

I have an amazing personal testimony to share; one that attests of God’s providence and goodness!

My wife and I had discussed about going for another overseas trip during the June holidays to make up for what we deemed as a not-enough and too-short honeymoon.

However, with us in the midst of fulfilling our “Arise & Build” church-building fund, we deliberated and mutually decided to postpone that second trip.

The wedding gift

Not too long after that, I was having an overseas tele-conversation with a good friend of mine. And that was when he told me that he had prepared a surprise wedding gift for me.

Can you guess what it was?

Yup! It was a wedding gift that comprised of fully paid two-way air tickets including accommodation at the destination that my wife and I had initially planned to go!

So this June, my wife and I will be going on a sponsored second honeymoon trip. Amazing.

Coincidence? I doubt so.

It is more believable to attribute this perfectly-timed and detailed-fit gift to God than it is to luck or chance.

What this tells me is that my God is good and He loves me (us) so!

Wedding ‘Ang Pow’ for Dummies

The last quarter of the year is usually the season of weddings where many of us have to attend dinner banquets.

Here’s a funny but useful guide to refer to for those who are clueless on the amount to give for your ‘ang pow(s)’:

Source: Unknown. But I think it was printed in 8 Days Magazine in May 2009.

Please kindly note that the ‘ang pow’ amount is subjected to changes with inflation. Ha ha…