2 thoughts on “Working smart =p

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Remember me? I am the Taiwanese guy from the same class at Yusof Ishak. I think it was Express 4A. We were classmates for the entire four years i think. goodness it seems like yesterday. Didnt know you changed your name to Andrew, saw your photo and I thought, “I know him!” And I was just browsing!

    Good you have come to know the Lord! I am in a small town in Australia now, its called Adelaide. Working in the hospital, I am now married (!!!) yap married. We are both Chrisitans, and are loving our church. People here are very nice, small town personalities.

    Hope to catch up with you soon. I never forgot that time you invited me to your place to watch Aliens (2 or 3 I forgot) at Clementi bus station. I didnt go coz I was sleepy.

    Hear from you soon, old friend.

  2. Wow! I am utterly amazed how we are able to be ‘reunited’ here. God is good!

    Off and on I would be thinking where this Taiwanese ex-classmate has gone and is doing in life as I would meet with our other YISS classmates.

    So glad and elated that we are a Family! =)

    Please keep in touch. Add me on msn or email me ok?

    God bless old friend!

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