Hearing from the other sides…

As most are aware, the popular topic hawking the local headlines since last week had been the upcoming raise of the GST to 7%.

On the news front, we have have been reading and hearing primarily from our ruling party who have been presenting their points of justifying this move.

Now let’s hear from the other sides (Opposition Parties) and what they have to present for us to have a more balance view on the GST rise …

From the Worker’s Party (WP):

Parliamentary Speech- 28 February 2007

Budget Speech

Sir, the Second Finance Minister has outlined increased social spending in the years ahead. This is to be expected of any government faced with an aging population, an increasing income gap and the threat of an underclass developing if the income gap is unchecked. Looking at the Budget offerings, I support the principle behind supplementing low wages and keeping our low wage workers employed.

Read full speech here>>>  

From the Singapore People’s Party (SPP):

An excerpt from a MP’s dialogue session on 4 February…

We will like to propose to the Government, the humanitarian ways of helping the poor that without the need to increase the GST.

1.          To tax the rich to help the poor and not tax the poor to help the poor.

2.          To scrap the idea of lighting up the City skyline

3.          Put various  departments that are from same Ministry under one roof

4.          Cut down Government expenditure

5.          Stop or reduce assistance to neighbouring countries

6.          Stop spending too much money on fireworks  Ha ha ha ha!!! (laughter my own insertion =p) 

7.          Tax collection from IR, to be only use for helping the poor

8.          Optimize the land usage and release it to private for development

9.          Last but not least, exempt essential items that are necessary for our daily life from the GST.


View full details of dialogue session here>>>

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