Some interesting comparisons…

Here are some interesting comparisons in the light of PM Lee Hsien Loong’s disclosure on increasing top ministers’ salaries…  

Annual salaries of heads of government:

  1. Singapore Prime Minister US$1,100,000 (S$1,958,000) a year 
  2. United States of America President: US$200,000
  3. United Kingdom Prime Minister: US$170,5564. Australia Prime Minister: US$137,060

Annual salaries of Ministers of government: 

  1. Singapore Minister: US$819,124
  2. UK Minister: US$146,2993
  3. US Cabinet Secretary: US$157,000

Source: Asian Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2000 taken from SDP website

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong

Little wonder he’s smiling from ear to ear… ha ha… =P

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