Marketplace jungle

Phew… can blow out a short breath of relief for this moment. Finally got work under control.

The passed few days has been tough sia… Everyday there seems to be an insurmountable ‘mountain’ to face. Thank goodness now the ground has been ‘flattened’! But of cos not for long lar… =p

Besides the work load and demands, what was stretched was my dealings with people around me in regards with work. I guess people will tend to impose on you or makan you as their food (scape-goat) in order to survive in this marketplace jungle.

One crucial part that I gained much from this phase has been defining my role and boundaries in terms of work relations as a Christian in my workplace. I strongly believe this is important cos then you will know when to say “No” or “Please wait, I will get back to you”, even if it’s to your boss.

The likelihood if one does not know his/her role and boundaries, is where they will be taken advantaged and bullied into doing work for others and bearing the brunt when their primary work is affected. And once we are deem incompetent professionally, our effectiveness as His salt and light is also affected.

Jesus taught us, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matt 10:15

In marketplace evangelism, just as we need to carry the love and truth of Christ, it is equally important that we are equipped professionally in our field of expertise in order to stand on common ground with them. Once on that ground, we can effectively translate God’s love and truth through our profession to win their hearts and minds for Jesus.

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