HWA Alumni dinner

Had a chance to catch up with my ex-colleagues from the Handicap Welfare Association (HWA) a few days ago.

We most definitely had a hearty time eating and catching up…

Personally my 2 years at HWA has helped me much in working within corporate culture of an organisation. Especially in terms of “CC”- cover cacheng =p

Being a upfront and direct person, I had difficulty adapting to that sort of culture. However, thankfully there were colleagues who were geniune in their friendships.

And I thank God for them!

Starting from the left, presenting: Bessie, Gladys, Stephanie, Cassandra and me.

And not to forget my HWA buddy…. Beng Choon (below).

This is one great guy, friend and bro-in-Christ. Only thing is that he always think he handsome. Ha ha…

I think American Idol ex-contestant, Sanjaya Malakar also more handsome than him =p

On a serious note, Beng Choon has been one great blessing from God and I was privileged to witness how he eventually came to know God personally during my 2 years at HWA. And it was interesting that he kept an email correspondence that we shared then. Read here>>>

After reading it, I am thankful how God has brought us this far as friends =)

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