We’ve made it!

Finally, we’ve MADE it! Hope Church Singapore is debt-free!

I can recall when we first embarked on this Building Fund journey, we didn’t meet the initial target of payment in 2002. I was disappointed then, and I believe with many others too. 

That time I was very sure then that we were able to meet the target, given the number of people we had and estimating the gross average individual income. And with His word assuring me (2 Corinthians 2:14) that we would triumph.

I thought we would have made it. But we didn’t.

In retrospect, I believe out of His wisdom, God didn’t allow us to make it then. Why? Probably He wanted us to fully rely and trust in Him as His Church, and not rely on our own strength or possessions only.

Now His word has been fulfilled, in His timing. Glory be to God! =) 

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