EPCglobal/RFID Singapore Forum 2007

I did my first real emcee-ing for the passed two days- yesterday and today!

This was an annual 2-day conference with speakers from around the globe attracting delegates who wanted to keep updated on the progress of Radio Frequencey Identification (RFID) technology in other parts of the world.


This to me was my first huge corporate event that I ever emcee-ed. My past gigs were for parties, weddings and work or church events. So I can thank God for all the training he had provided me with the opportunities when I had served others =)

The most embarassing part was attempting to roll out this Thai presenter’s name- Mr Panitarn Pavarolavidya.

You try it… Ha ha

Actually this EPCglobal which champions RFID global standards within world trade and industry is a very interesting and controversial topic. Using RFID you can know exact whereabouts (real-time) of your goods and information can be stored in the chip such as expiry date, source, manufactured date and etc…

For example: Wal-mart uses it with great effect to its global supply chain. 

With globalisation, this will definitely be very much part of our lives and thus fulfilling what many Christians have pointed as a prophesy in the book of Revelation. Whether this is true or not, this is another story.

But here’s one such claim to read>>>


One thought on “EPCglobal/RFID Singapore Forum 2007

  1. Greetings I’m new here
    And it looks like a great forum, so just wanted to say hello! :):):)
    And looking forward to participating.
    Going on vacation for a few days, so i’ll be back

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