Family prayer time

Quite amazing what is unfolding within my family after the prayer for my family during the GDOP.

Yesterday I learnt that my sister-in-law, Jeslyn was hospitalised. She was warded after she had passed out. It was only then she was suspected to have a prolonged serious illness when she had lost much feeling over her limbs.

Personally I think this is a serious case.

But remarkably, my mum who was there actually rallied my brother and me to pray over her. And prayed we did.

It was my first time hearing my mum prayed or praying with her. Not bad leh…

I cannot doubt that God has been working much in her life over these passed 2 years. Especially lately, I have even noticed how she has calmed down alot with her hot tempered-ness. She’s now more patient with me and my brothers =p 

Back to my sis-in-law, at least last night we managed to get her connected with God. That’s a good start. 

Please pray with me that she will not only miraculously recover but encounter our living and loving God too.

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