Global Day of Prayer

I heard about this Global Day of Prayer meet some weeks ago, but it was never my intention to participate in it.

Call me a sceptic but I am not one who do things for the sake of doing when there is no real purpose. And in my opinion, I reckoned that the Global Day of Prayer event would be of any good or use at all.

So what if Christians go there to gather and pray? What happens after the event? Will there be real change in their lives with the situation remaining the same?

And the purpose of those attending? Is it just to be in the buzz and glam of a big event? If so, what’s the point of being part of it?

God had His answer. This was how our conversation went….

God: Go to GDOP 

Me: Huh?? Really must go? Why?

God: Do your little part in unite-ing the body of Christ.

Me: Orh… ok lor… *sheepishly*

And so I went. I laid me (my rights) down for His sake.

Well… I did enjoyed the time with God there. But more importantly, I’m glad I obeyed Him and did my part in building the spiritual walls of His Church for His glory.

“As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ”

1 Peter 2:4-5 (NIV)

5 thoughts on “Global Day of Prayer

  1. Hi Bro,

    looking at the angle of your picture, i should be sitting directly opposite you at the opposite side.

    i also don’t know why i went, but i guess, i missed last year’s , so just tot of checking it out this year. i wasn’t exactly hyped up or what, but its interesting to note that a 14 year old boy (from BB) follow us adults there, without his friends or family. he was Enthu to go, Enthu to particpate, Enthu enough to go makan Beancurd @geylang after that and reach home at boonlay at just before midnite 12am. He seems glad to be there througout? excited? probably..

    So probably, we need to approach God’s thing with a child-like faith. dont’ need question or think too much sometimes?


    Your bro,

  2. Ha ha… on that part I agree. Hence I believe that was y God told me to go in this context.
    However there’s another part to take note which is to discern if it is really a God’s thing cos Jesus said in the last days there will be many false prophets. So need to be wary still and see if a God’s thing is a God’s thing. Cannot just follow blindly.
    It’s the same with charity. Not all charity who say they doing charity is actually for charity.
    Man is sinful and with many hidden agendas… If everyone is so innocent like you, this world no problem. But in reality our world is a fallen world.
    That is why I appreciate you alot as a brother. Your innocence is rare and that’s y I can trust you easily 🙂

  3. innocence, like xiao mei mei, like that. haha funny.

    ok understnad what u saying, will take note. tks.

    Alamak, what sickness your sis in law have? sounds SERIOUSLY SERIOUS

    my bro-in-law also recently struck down by first Gout attack, limbs all pain pain, cannot move at all. then go checkup again, realise it is some rheumatism arthitis..all of a sudden, not like very old like that. more check ups to go..don’t like illnesses.

    i told my sister i pray for him, then a day or two later, he started feeling better, can move and such.. ya so jia you in Jesus Name, may our living Doctor J be with your sister in law and family too.


  4. Well, I think being there is more about changing the believer, than changing God’s heart. For he is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. I guess you have being change by the atmosphere. I myself thought that by going to “certain church” can feel more of the Holy Spirit because the sermon there touch me. Surprisely, when I visit there – there are not so much of spirit fill over there. I then realized that atmosphere play no part in changing you. It is about your willing to accept God to change you. Nobody cannot force you to go heaven or hell, it’s your choice. Battle of flesh is about fittest survival, but the Battle of Spirit is about outlast, persist to the end of your Christian life. 😛

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