The Gospel of God’s Kingdom

During one of my recent CG times, we had an upclose and personal session with fellow brothers, Alan Tea and Paul Tan (co-founders of Decus Consulting). That session left me even more convicted of the gospel of God’s kingdom in me that I was carrying, and not just the gospel of His salvation.

Facing the real world

Which now means, I know without a doubt that I am called to do more with my redeemed life than simply eat, sleep, shit, play, work, contribute to Singapore’s statistics and taxes for nation building before I return to dust again.

In this world that we are living in, we must firstly concede that we are ‘trapped’ (by default) in an endless and temporary world system that demands us to pursue after things that have no true significant meaning or eternal value to our lives. And in most situations, these are things that have been ‘forced’ upon us to the point that we naturally accept as our way of life.

I think it is kinda like the virtual world concept of the Matrix movie, but only in our reality, we need to be awaken to the spiritual world. And this will enable us to see beyond the facade of our world and see the true reality in what harm it is actually doing to us- our souls.

To live is Christ, to die is gain

When faced with the reality, the second logical step is to find a solution- a way out. For some, attempting to escape being trapped is trying not to be a part of our world system, would be their way. Though this may seem like a solution, but unfortunately it is not. In fact, by escaping, one is not truly facing the reality but in denial.

The only solution- way, truth and light at the end of the tunnel is Jesus Christ. It is only when we tap and align our lives with Him, then can we truly free ourselves from this system despite living in it. Cos in Him, we know who we live for and where we truly belong- For Him and His kingdom.

Only in Him, we can overcome and emerged as the head, and not the tail, to influence our world for Christ!

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