Yangon marchers ‘not afraid to die’

Al Jazeera News • September 28, 2007

By Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Yangon, Myanmar

He had a craggy face, a limp, he was 60 years of age and had a resolve that underlined Myanmar’s new drive for democracy.

“I am not afraid to die,” he told me in halting English. “They will only kill flesh and bones. Spirit cannot be destroyed, so in the end we will win.”

Then he walked to the head of several thousand protesters in central Yangon and advanced towards the waiting soldiers, stern faced, fingers on the triggers of theirweapons.


Al Jazeera exclusive from inside Myanmar

He raised his hand and stood there in a gesture of defiance. It met with applause from the protesters and people who watched the unfolding drama from their windows and balconies.

The soldiers did nothing – but it was only temporary. Minutes later they acted.

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