HOPE: Our Global Network

In a “divine coincidence”, I got to meet a Korean couple from Hope London (seen in between the two ladies in picture) that were in HCMC for the week to open a representative office in this city.

The brother, Mr Hyongsuk Kim was so friendly and was enthused in sharing with me about his business- M-BIZ Global Company Limited and how he and his wife got it started two years ago. They are in the gaming software business for mobile handsets and have Samsung as one of their major clients under their belt.

Interestingly, he shared how with the amount they were paying for one staff in the UK, they could actually hire 10 staff in HCM City.

Wow… that is really cost-effective!

Besides spending a wonderful time over lunch, we accompanied them the whole day in search of a suitable office in the city. And thankfully, they found one on the same day that they had to fly off.

But when I think of how we managed to get to know and encouraged one another in another country, I am very much thankful to God for our global network in Hope and with such an extensive family that I belong to.

Indeed, God’s seed vision for our Hope International Movement is growing and actualising over the years since its pioneering days.