My Final Thoughts…

This whole 5-year studying episode has been a surreal experience. Now it is really, really over *Phew*

As I closed this chapter of my study phase, I reflected and penned some of my final thoughts on that entire journey.

Why I took up studying?

I was NEVER the studious type. And I got my records to proof: A dropped out from secondary school and two failed attempts in re-taking my ‘O’ levels as a private candidate back in 1995 and 1998 before life in Christ.

With Christ, that changed. The Bible fueled my appetitie for learning and His word changed my life purpose and outlook of life. I was inspired by His love to churchplant as it is through churches that people should know and grow in God.

Therefore I was convinced that upgrading would increase my employment opportunities in a global market as a “tent-maker”.

Were there moments where you wanted to give up? What kept you going on?

YES… many moments. It was an ordeal observing how my peers were getting on with life, while I still had to slogged. 

Moreover there was the constant juggling with added ministry and work commitments and responsibilities.

But His vision for me kept me focus towards the future. And His word in Matthew 6:33 kept me going in trusting in His ways. 

So what’s next?

I am looking forward and exploring where God might be further leading me towards His plans for me in fulfilling His Great Commission. For now it looks like I am staying put at my current job, but I hope that my next job would be in a publishing house.

My long-term dream is to eventually run a media publishing house like our Singapore Press Holdings with their scores publications under its fold. But my dream publishing house will provide publications with a touch of “Christian perspectives” in today’s contemporary issues in a mess-up world.

Any takers or partners??? =P