How God Looks Out for Me

Two incidents within this week got me marvelling at how He looks out for me. It is just amazing to know how God loves me and cares for me or each one of us for that matter.

First was when I was thinking, “Now tight budget, how to meet my friends over dinner this week to catch up?”

God provided.

My colleague from the Finance Division called me to collected money dued to me which I was not even expecting. Wow!

Second was during one breakfast, I had ordered porridage for take-away. A piece of pancake had caught my eye but I didn’t buy it.

Incredibly, as I was paying for my take-away, the stall-owner out of so many other choices took the pancake and gave it to me for free!

She explained she was going to close early that day, so she wanted to clear her food.

Wow… God loves me leh… (c.f. Psalm 139)

Thank You God for showing me that You really care for every matters- big and small- in my life! =)

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