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Couldn’t agree more with this brother’s thoughts. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing- Jesus is why we do what we do.

God is never more interested in how many people we reach out and attempt to save than He is interested in how much (big of a heart) we love people as He loves.

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  1. This is grey area answer – that is not way to prove right or wrong.
    But I see your point. I qoute some from the bible,
    Abram believe in the Lord, and he credited him righteousness.
    But someone react and say, faith require you to something. Faith without action is dead.
    I agreed with the part, but doing thing don’t alway require faith. You can go out and reach out all you want, yet you can still don’t faith in God.
    So do you think your action is the right approach?
    If your approach is right, then why the right approach fail.
    So do you think your action is God’s way?
    If your approach is God’s way, they why people will not accept you.
    It can only bring down to one conclusion, they did not really believe in God’s provision.
    In the bible, Martha prepared a feast for Jesus – but whay Jesus wanted was her obedience and that is faith. There is no use pushing yourself to a certain way, where it did not fit into God’s plan.
    There are plenty of people who want to do spiritual thing, but there are too few people who will do everything in Christ’s way.
    You don’t spiritual thing to let people see you as Christian. You just have to everything in your life according to Jesus’s standard – you are consider Child of God.

    To me, I will let them do whatever they want where they will reaped nothing. For me, I will do my best to success in my life according to what I believe in, what God believe in.

  2. As for the question you ask me whether, am I leader or follower? This is the answer.
    When David went to meet his brother. He asked what is reward for killing this giant? His brother rebuked him for his inexperience. But the fact, God have secretly trained him, when he was tending his sheep.
    God see him through fighting with lion and wolves. Train him up as Saul’s successor. There is alway people who look on what you did in the church and ranked you accordingly.

    For me, there is no point argue with that. I will running away from them just as David. First, take over Judah then take over the whole Israel. If you asked me whether I will rise up. My reply is no. By rising up according their standard is asking David to take on Saul’s armor. It’s won’t work.
    I will only rise up according to God’s standard, and no one else.

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